Sanctuary Renovations Have Begun!

The renovation of the sanctuary was originally slated for mid-late 2021.  The original plan (pre-Covid 19) indicated that the exterior/roof was to be the first project undertaken.  However, the pandemic has limited our ability to move forward, and is on hold until Spring 2021.    

Behold, a new opportunity!  With the church closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, session decided to move forward with the renovation of the sanctuary.   With the church being empty this would allow the work to proceed without interrupting Sunday morning services or other church programs. 

The sanctuary renovations, including the restructuring of the platform, improvements to the organ and technical upgrades is well under way.  The renovation includes a new platform and upgrades to sound, lighting and video.  It should be noted that removing the old platform structure revealed significant structural instability for the organ pipe chamber. The renovation has allowed that issue to be resolved and the structural integrity of that area of building restored. The sanctuary portion of the building project was managed internally by church staff and volunteers and has resulted in some considerable cost savings.   We look forward to you seeing the completed work.

In summary, the Pandemic has affected the staging of our planned restoration and renovations, however, it has not stopped it.  We are, instead, taking a different road to get us to our final destination.  

We believe that this will be a great space not only for our use, but to be used by the community. #forparis

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