$3 Million will help us make these enhancements:

• An inviting entrance on Emily Street 
• Dedicated space to gather and host events 
• Accessibility will be achieved with an elevator to all levels 
• Barrier free new washrooms 
• The sanctuary will have an open space platform for multipurpose use 
• Upgraded heating, ventilation and air conditioning
• New reception, administration and large flex, open work areas
• Private offices
• New library space with small lounge
•One entry point for children’s ministry with control point
• Expanded youth room

3D image of new building plan


Click on thumbnail images below to see future floor plans / sketches from the Architect.

Note From the Architect

Together, in consultation with the Paris Presbyterian Community and experts in the design and restoration of worship spaces, we established a vision that adapted the existing building for contemporary needs. The restoration, expansion, and change is about protecting the existing building while opening it up to make it accessible and welcoming for everyone. The new spaces address the ministry needs to make a functional, flexible, and beautiful facility that will continue to serve Paris for future generations.

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Michael Nicholas-Schmidt
B.A.S., M.Arch, OAA, MRAIC
larkin architect limited