Financial Plan Pie Chart

Stewarding our Vision

The project financial plan has a number of components as shown on this page. Projects of this nature always have unknown elements, particularly when restoring a 125 year old building. One way to offset possible unknowns is through phasing various elements of the project over a number of years. The church leadership is committed to restoring the building first and then prioritizing the renovations and improvements to achieve the highest impact; while at the same time practicing good financial stewardship.

As we seek to build community with bold faith – let us move forward with prayer, trust, and expect that God will provide for all that is needed. May He place on our hearts the willingness to extend His influence in our community and beyond.

Operating Budget

Wise stewardship is essential to a successful building project; this can be expressed in several ways. As a congregation we must steward both the mission and the finances of the church, expressing both faith and wisdom as we seek to restore and improve the functionality of the church building.

We are blessed to be in a unique season of time. It is important to maintain our operational giving and sacrificially go above and beyond that to prepare the facility for improved ministry – for ourselves and for generations to come.

We know that the building project will have a significant impact on the operating budget. The church leadership will be taking steps to address the impact of carrying the proposed debt (both in expenses and revenue). Our proposed 2020 budget includes mortgage payments for two months. Future budgets will include the full impact of carrying the indebtedness. We have a goal to seek out all potential grants to support this project.

GIVING in BOLD faith

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Together we can accomplish much more than we can ever ask or imagine. Together we can fulfill God’s will for Paris; using our God-given resources, all for His glory!